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Bayou Pigeon, LA. Spirit of the Atchafalaya is big, bold, and beautiful! It is a collectible history/non-fiction hardcover (coffee-table style) book. It comes in a simulated alligator skin cover binded to ASTM library standards.

Our book includes:

  • 700 pages, 38 chapters, 100,000 words, 1000 pictures, vintage maps and charts

  • 2000-noun index to easily find information

  • Detailed bibliography listing the books, magazines, and internet sources used in carrying out the research

  • Graphic design and printing services performed locally in the State of Louisiana

Bronze Medal Winner:
Independent Publisher Book Awards 2012

Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana - Spirit of the Atchafalaya award

Our book begins with:

  • Location and Description of Bayou Pigeon

  • Location, Description and Explanation of The Atchafalaya River Basin

  • Timeline of Key Events that Shaped the History of the Atchafalaya Heritage Area

  • The Physical Landscape, Geography and Ethnicity of the people of Bayou Pigeon.

As it unfolds, it details the chronological history of Bayou Pigeon:

  • 1806-1840 – Early History of the Area

  • 1840-1861 – Antebellum Era - Sugar Plantations Established

  • 1861-1865 – The Civil War

  • 1865-1895 – After the War, Post bellum

  • 1895-1915 – Industrial Lumbering Cypress Timber Period

  • 1915-1945 – Birth and development of a Cajun Swamp Community

  • 1945-1975 – Americanization and Transformation of a Cajun Village

  • 1976-Present – The Demise of the dominant Cajun Language and Culture

Also included, are a collection of Special Chapters:

  • Relevance of Commercial Fresh Water Fishing

  • Evolution of Commercial Crawfishing

  • Importance of Hunting to the Community

  • History and Role of the Catholic Church in Community

  • Music In Bayou Pigeon

Finally, our book concludes with:

  • History and geneology of the original founding families of Bayou Pigeon

  • Photographic Essay of the Community

  • Tribute to our Veterans

  • Collection of illustrations of the “Places People Remember” in Bayou Pigeon (from artist Stan Routh’s “Bayou Pigeon Collection”

  • Location, Description and History of the Streams and Bayous in the area


  • “Cliff, Great work. You did a fine job with your book. Good luck.”

    – CC Lockwood

  • “This book is excellent. In addition to fine photographs and maps, it is well researched and accurate. While reading it you become aware of the writers' intimate knowledge of Bayou Pigeon and its people. Yet it is more than simply a history of a small village, as its scope and breath are larger than that. It is also a book whose compass extends to such topics as the changing environment and how people adjusted to life in this region through time. Anyone interested in the Atchafalaya, or swamps in general, should have this book in their collection. I give it my highest recommendation.”

    – Dr. Malcolm Comeaux, author of Atchafalaya Swamp Life

  • “The book is beautiful and exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much for helping us to acquire a copy!”

    – Jason Ford - Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State University

  • “Anyone who loves Louisiana history will enjoy this book. If you’re from Iberville or any of the surrounding parishes, you’ll especially enjoy this thorough treatment of Bayou Pigeon’s history.”

    – Greg Langley, The Advocate Magazine


Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana
Spirit of the Atchafalaya

Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana - Spirit of the Atchafalaya - book cover

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